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Aside from requiring that patients be upright, ambulation may reduce edema by increasing counterpressure within the socket during weight-bearing and creating a muscular pumping effect that may help drive fluid out of the residual limb [19].
Pancoast's aortic tourniquet had a screw and counterpressure pad connected by a bar, and was similar to Lister's device, which was developed nearly simultaneously and independently.
For added resistance place the inside of your index fingers over the eyebrow to apply counterpressure as you move the eyebrows upward.
Counterpressure on the sternum, where a closed fist is placed between the sternum and the operating table may assist with focusing compressions over the sternum.
I thought that one of the most important passages in To Kill the King was where Farmer quotes Kenneth Burke as writing "The [New] Rhetoric must lead us through the Scramble, the Wrangle of the Market Place, the flurries and flare ups of the Human Barnyard, the Give and Take, the wavering line of pressure and counterpressure, the Logomachy, the onus of ownership, the Wars of Nerves.
Finger spacing on the bow, the index placement, pronation, the thumb counterpressure, clinging fingers, finger flexibility, the little finger, feeling balance and weight and, rolling the bow between the thumb and middle finger are discussed.
disappointing reception, but an effective creative counterpressure, at
Increasing abdominal pressure by bandaging or manually pressing on the abdomen (abdominal counterpressure technique) can facilitate venous return and decrease arterial runoff.
62) In words echoing the debate about policing, a spokesman from a moderate national Latino organization, the League of United Latin American Citizens ("LULAC"), commented that spontaneous counterpressure from the community seems to be arriving on the scene just "as the government seems to be cracking down.
Instead of using gas pressurization, which exerts a force on the astronaut's body to protect it from the vacuum of space, Newman's suit relies on mechanical counterpressure, which involves wrapping tight layers of material around the body.