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Think of the Abraham-to-Seinfeld, or the Sarah-to-Hannah Arendt, proneness to argument Jewish literature, from scripture to stand-up, displays a recurring love of the counterproposition, the answerback, the chutzpah.
as a counterproposition to the broadly construed cultural experience of "traveling West," might prove of crucial importance.
To show that regulatory labour law had a negative impact on Blacks, and even had racist underpinnings, hardly validates the counterproposition that Black workers would have benefited from a laissez-faire regime.
Instead of defining itself as a counterproposition to established authority, as it did in Europe, the movement reshaped itself in the image of the in-stablishment.
Graff also says that the author's "critique and counterpropositions would gain from a clearer examination of the nature and processes of historical change".