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Think of the Abraham-to-Seinfeld, or the Sarah-to-Hannah Arendt, proneness to argument Jewish literature, from scripture to stand-up, displays a recurring love of the counterproposition, the answerback, the chutzpah.
as a counterproposition to the broadly construed cultural experience of "traveling West," might prove of crucial importance.
To show that regulatory labour law had a negative impact on Blacks, and even had racist underpinnings, hardly validates the counterproposition that Black workers would have benefited from a laissez-faire regime.
Instead of defining itself as a counterproposition to established authority, as it did in Europe, the movement reshaped itself in the image of the in-stablishment.
As a counterproposition, and in a typical Fourierist fashion, Tacussel searches for a representational homology between the inner structure of a work or a theory--its epistemology, its rhetoric, etc.
King, (7) in which they argued for abandoning the idea of Gnosticism due to its inadequacy in the light of the discovered materials, several counterpropositions have been suggested.
The counterpropositions were that: 1) only activities strictly related to the formal curriculum are undertaken with focus on content without stimulating critical thinking and 2) only teachers carry out these activities.
Graff also says that the author's "critique and counterpropositions would gain from a clearer examination of the nature and processes of historical change".