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The countersignature laws and the discrimination practiced do not bear a substantial relationship to any legitimate objectives of South Dakota," the judge said in a 12-page opinion.
The end of the Florida countersignature law, which was fiercely protected for decades by a group of Florida agents, represents both a symbolic and real leap forward in this effort to promote competition and root out inefficiencies in the insurance regulatory system.
The Council has successfully challenged the countersignature requirements in Florida and West Virginia.
With our new electronic countersignature capability and associated business process changes, [see the article in The DISAM Journal, 24:1, "Electronic Case Coordination and Tracking - Team Effort", pp.
All basic cases must be approved by the State Department, but not all basic cases required DSCA countersignature.
Lease Certificate of Determination - The certificate of determination is included with the draft lease when it is forwarded for Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) coordination and countersignature.
Employer provides acceptable form of security for the loan in the form of a blank promissory note issued by two members of the Board of the District, as indicated in the resolution by the Board, with the countersignature of the District Treasurer, together with a declaration, and the declaration of submission to enforcement in accordance with the Banking Act, the amount of principal and interest calculated for the entire term of the loan, on the day of the offer (bid price)
6) As security for the loan is determined blank promissory note with a promissory note agreement and statement of execution signed by the mayor with the countersignature Nadarzyn Municipal Treasurer or a person authorized by him.
Countersignature Treasurer will promissory note and a statement of execution;
On the statement of execution shall be deposited with the countersignature of Municipal Treasurer;
9) form of credit insurance is a bill of exchange "blank" without the countersignature of the City Treasurer with a declaration countersigned by the Treasurer of the City in the amount equal to the size of the loan granted, together with accrued interest.
The contract on the basis of race will provide that the transfer of ownership of the same money takes place only at the time of countersignature of the bill of delivery to the operator Trenitalia ticket office, or by the other person delegated by Trenitalia, the recipient of delivery.