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Over the past two decades the PLA has, in order to execute China's Near Seas Defense strategy, pursued a counterstrike doctrine designed to take the fight to an enemy attempting to intervene in a regional conflict.
COUNTERSTRIKE underscores the principles of the United States military by showing us how actions taken have helped us to be safer from attacks by lawless organizations around the world.
In addition to the counterstrikes discussed above, there are other illegal methods that may be used to combat online fraud and crime.
The lawsuit in question, however, and its potential Bulgarian counterstrike refer to a dispute over equipment delivery payments, and not to the final decision on the fate of the Belene project that the Bulgarian state has to make.
Ahead of the drills, we are checking countermeasures against North Korea's further provocations and deployed weapons to launch a counterstrike if the North provokes again during the drills.
If Israel starts a preemptive war and attacks Iran's nuclear sites, it is a certainty that Iran would immediately counterstrike Israel's nuclear facilities.
233) Additionally, one can use this risk-based approach to reduce the risk of cyberattacks by: (1) increasing the effectiveness of criminal and civil law options to address such attacks, thereby reducing the threat through deterrence; (2) improving passive defense options, thereby reducing vulnerability; and (3) developing counterstrike capabilities with a deterrent effect.
We also provide suggestions for mitigative counterstriking procedures and on how to protect third parties harmed as a result of a counterstrike.
Games will include Battlefield 2, Counterstrike, Half-Life 2, Halo, Quake 3, Doom 4, Unreal Tournament, StarCraft and more.
But there were increased fears last night that Saddam will launch a chemical counterstrike to save his regime.
I felt that there would be some kind of counterstrike,'' Education Minister Atsuko Toyama said at a press conference after the day's cabinet meeting.
Additionally, the Plesk powered CounterStrike GameServer is available at a purchase price of $99.