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Somehow, this predicament of irony or ambiguity is less relevant in connection with Warsaw, where the Poles rebuilt the heart of their capital as the first meaningful counterstroke in response to the German effort to destroy Polish society.
The Allied counterstroke on the Marne had made possible something few on the Allied side even dared to dream in early July: the end of the war in 1918.
As she watched the San Francisco media fume, Jervis mustered her skills at political maneuvering and prepared a brilliant counterstroke.
Having endured a malicious attack upon his reputation by journalist-author Carol Off in her book The Lion, The Fox and The Eagle, MacKenzie launches a masterful counterstroke in this memoir.
59) This counterstroke was masterful: it enabled the United States to seize the lead in promoting world peace while also permitting it to avoid unwelcome entanglement in European politics.
No one told me that Richard could have had a counterstroke in the days straight afterwards, and that it might be fatal," Maria says.
The Optical Safety Edge MSE 110W may be installed on new or existing gates and mounted inside an edge counterstroke profile, on the wall or in a Safebeam column.
Washington launched a brilliant but risky counterstroke, crossing the Delaware on Christmas night to attack a Hessian garrison at Trenton.
Rommel again organised his trademark rapid counterstroke.
Because of the nonescalatory nature of truly limited warfare, a nation initiating a limited war needs the "power of isolation" to defend itself against an unlimited counterstroke.
14) Meanwhile, General MacArthur and his staff had been planning a counterstroke.
Addis remembers that it was a bit of a counterstroke to begin a review devoted solely to Irish books (moving away from the hub, which was London).