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This substantially shortened the general training time for pilots, a measure meant to counterweigh the losses of Luftwaffe pilots which increased monthly.
India has only one consulate in Kandy and the opening of consulates in Jaffna and Hambantotta is an attempt to reach out and spread its sphere of influence to counterweigh China, according to analysts.
The question is whether Turkey has got an infrastructure to counterweigh the presidential system.
Specifically, the initiative is intended to (1) initiate a structural strengthening of area studies; (2) develop content as well as methodological and theoretical approaches to regional studies; (3) develop new forms of cooperation between area studies and the "systematic" disciplines such as economics, social sciences, law, history, natural sciences, and engineering in order to counterweigh the role hitherto played by history and philology in producing knowledge on world regions; (4) increase the visibility of those interdisciplinary "loci of expertise" in Germany which draw upon innovative concepts (BMBF 2008).
But the emergency of mobile and intelligent terminals, lead-free and green tin chemicals as well as the application of tin in the new energy and other fields can not only completely counterweigh the deduction trend but also make the large contribution to the growth of tin demand.
Current economic trends and annual forecasts for the euro area suggest that New Hampshire exporters should intensify their marketing efforts to other parts of the word to counterweigh the euro area's double-dip recession.
In transition economies, at least in those where institutions are weak, shadow economy growth (whether caused by higher tax rates or not) is so substantial that it more than counterweighs possible increases in revenue collection.
Banville fleetingly counterweighs Felix with Sophie, the older woman, who has a profession, or perhaps an art (she is a photographer) and is ironic, perceptive, and intolerant of Felix's Sadeian projects of control.
69) Wheeler counterweighs another restrictionist argument (the selectivity of responses) by stressing that "it is important to distinguish between actions that are selective because states privilege selfish interests over the defence of human rights, and those that are selective because of prudential concerns.