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To be exact, it was $55, including replacement parts for the bent counterweight arm, the labor involved, and shipping
To replace men swinging on a lever, a counterweight basket has been used, loaded with stones of no more than 50 lb each until the counterweight totals 10 cwt.
Unfortunately, KAL plans to sell the older planes -- DU counterweights presumably included.
A radiological survey of Stansted airport will hopefully locate the missing counterweights.
Counterweights have to match the look of the rest of the forklift; they are ornamental as well as functional.
CMI joins NMI in providing the sole repair facilities for the refurbishment of depleted uranium counterweights for aircraft use in the nation.
Linde Material Handling's Weilbach, Germany plant uses the nobake sand casting to manufacture 51 structural iron counterweights for forklift trucks.
The movie camera was on one end, with counterweights at the other.
Producing automotive and marine castings, fork-lift counterweights, motor-house casings, valve plates, fuel pump housings, compressor casings and heating manifolds.
Moscow strongly opposes the eastward expansion of NATO, for example, and is casting about for counterweights to the U.
The investor group already owns Concord Steel, a fabricator of counterweights for the lifting industry, which has plants in Harvey, Illinois, and Warren, Ohio.