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COUNTRY. By country is meant the state of which one is a member.
     2. Every man's country is in general the state in which he happens to have been born, though there are some exceptions. See Domicil; Inhabitant. But a man has the natural right to expatriate himself, i. e. to abandon his country, or his right of citizenship acquired by means of naturalization in any country in which he may have taken up his residence. See Allegiance; Citizen; Expatriation. in another sense, country is the same as pais. (q.v.)

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901 rules that disallow foreign tax credits for refundable and noncompulsory payments and for taxes paid to certain countries.
These agreements that the Bush Administration has been pressuring countries to sign exempt all U.
In fact, the loans that were made to the undeveloped countries were never intended to aid the poor; they were meant to enrich a few international corporate executives and a handful of complicit people in those undeveloped countries--at the expense of the poor.
At these rates, affected countries face real population declines, and that fact has been making headlines.
Several island countries are part of Asia, including Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia.
So long as only a relatively small set of countries had both interest and influence in trade negotiations, it essentially drove the process.
The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the World Bank, and the European Commission have conducted reviews of the career guidance policies and practices in 37 countries.
These losses have a profound economic impact in countries around the world.
In the past two years, the Center has helped educate approximately 7,000 foreign military officers and civilians in programs conducted in host countries and in the United States.
Even though traffic-related death rates in the United States and other high-income countries have been declining steadily for several decades, death tolls on the roadways of the world s poorer countries have been skyrocketing.
Rossi responded to a March 22, 2004, letter from Stephen Bill of the European Commission on the practical implications of making intra-EC supplies of goods to VAT-registered customers in Acceding Countries on or after 1 May 2004.
One only needs to look at the development performance of the Arab oil-exporting countries to confirm the strong causal relationship between increase in income and human development.