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According to official, the HEC is also planning on setting up an apex National Skill University to coordinate the country-wide development of community colleges in every district of Pakistan.
KOHAT: The Special Azadi Train on Saturday completed its country-wide journey reached here at Kohat Railway Station where it was received by a large number of people, including students and families.
By implementing a network backbone for country-wide fulfillment of essential healthcare supplies, countries can combat counterfeiting and increase visibility and security throughout the global pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution process.
Unless the government cracks down hard on terrorist cells operating country-wide, such attacks will continue.
Country-wide public education programme in Afghanistan
At the time of the accident, Ramirez also had a policy of insurance with Country-Wide covering a 2002 Acura car (Petition at [paragraphs][paragraph] 3-7; Ex.
21 June 2011 - AM Best lowered on Monday to C+ (marginal) from B- (fair) the financial strength rating and to "b-" from "bb-" the issuer credit rating of US Country-Wide Insurance Co.
Chinese authorities have stepped up surveillance since a call for a country-wide demonstration from an anonymous source was posted on the Chinese web portal Boxun two weeks ago.
The NGN migration project, which will be completed by the end of this year, will put Batelco's customers among the best connected in the world and will make Bahrain the first country in the world with complete country-wide Broadband access.
The Ombudsman suggested holding a number of events in a country-wide scope.
This is because average China country-wide rates were over 60 points higher than comparable market economy rates.
Earlier this year, the Bishops Conference organized a mass rally in Manila and country-wide protests against a proposed population bill which had the support of the Arroyo government.