county officer

See: marshal
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I saw coloured men who were members of the state legislatures, and county officers, who, in some cases, could not read or write, and whose morals were as weak as their education.
Poverty and labour bore hard upon him, especially as county officers were getting troublesome, and in a weak moment he did the wicked act; but he has listened to my words, and his mind has got round again into its honest corner.
FUW county officer David Waters said: "The event is being held on the exact date of the first meeting 60 years ago of the FUW Provisional Committee, as recorded in "A Family Affair" - The Story of the Farmers' Union of Wales 1955 to 1992 - by Handel Jones.
A St Louis county officer was struck in the shoulder and a Webster Groves police officer was struck in the face.
Vaughan Foods' owner and reserve county officer Mark Vaughan stopped the assault by shooting the suspect.
Chris Hutchinson, football officer with the Durham FA and Just Play's county officer, closely monitored Grainey's set-up to ensure it met strict quality criteria.
In June 2010, police arrested Margaret Schoendorf after she sold 47 prescription painkiller pills to an Orange County officer in an undercover sting.
said Denbigh & Flint county officer Rhys Roberts.
Circuit Court of Appeals revived a lawsuit that claims a county officer used excessive force and made an unlawful arrest during a 1999 traffic stop.
The appeals court held that the sheriff was a county officer when he managed the jail, and was thus not entitled to Eleventh Amendment immunity.
To Manatee County officer Theodore Blau, who is also a police psychologist, teaching driving skills is useless without the second part of the equation: helping cops learn how to think when the adrenaline begins to pump.
FUW Meirionnydd county officer Huw Jones said the couple were true hydro pioneers.

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