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A limitation of ultrasonic inspection can be the requirement to use a couplant between probe and test part.
In the beginning of the experiment, the couplant is smeared uniformly onto the interface between the specimen and the transducer.
While the screws are being tightened this rubber or putty will compact and the ultrasonic transducer will be forced upward in contact with the top of the attachment, completely mating it with the top surface and wringing it with the required ultrasonic couplant.
However there are certain cases where this is not possible, because the tested material may be damaged or contaminated by a couplant, for example paper, wooden, aerospace and composite materials.
The HTUT is applicable at temperatures higher than 400[degrees]C without ultrasonic couplant.
The contact between the sensors and sample was improved using ultrasonic couplant.
Step 4: The ultrasonic wave form is recorded for each segment which covers the whole area of the workpiece by using ultrasonic flaw detector with constant parameters such as range, gain and velocity of the couplant.
gt;> Couplant les methodes de la diffusion du livre populaire au message pastoral, le pere Desmarais ne recule devant rien pour rejoindre le plus grand public.
A high-resolution linear array transducer of 7-13 MHz with a relatively small footprint is ideal, using acoustic gel as the couplant, but such transducers have only 4-5 cm depth of penetration.
The first reflection is from the interface between the water couplant and top surface of the PEM.
On observe qu'alors que le modele non inhibe de substrat classique de Monod peut etre utilise a des fins de simulation pour la biodegradation de l'anthracene, le comportement reactionnel de la bioremediation de sol peut s'exprimer en couplant l'equation classique de Monod avec une cinetique de degradation des cellules au premier ordre.