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They resumed their coupledom in such placidity that both forgot about the rift, about everything but the growing arrival, whose urgency they both felt in her belly.
In a frequently quoted essay in BC Book-world (Spring 2001), she said: "To be forced back into the heterosexual cage of coupledom is not a step forward but a step back into state-imposed definitons of relationship.
The quirkyalones are not anti-love, just against contrived notions of coupledom, according to their creed.
Mica paris and Lisa Butcher meet single men desperate to be in relationship and, by transforming their style, hope to set them on the path of coupledom.
Mica Paris and Lisa Butcher meet single men desperate to be in relationships and, by transforming their style, hope to set them on the path to coupledom.
The members of Congress who proposed, and then passed, this act were defending marriage from the already looming demand that it be redefined to include homosexual coupledom.
Indeed, this spectrum of representation is remarked, albeit unwittingly, in mainstream reactions to the show precisely through the emphasis on Thompson's own indifference to same-sex marriage and, indeed, to monogamous coupledom.
Both Joe and Xavier love their lifestyles and to different degrees have found aspects of their relationship rewarding, but neither of them wants to relinquish his personal freedom for the security of coupledom.
Appropriately, then, Winterson arranges the sayings in the passage above so as to follow the normal progression of an affair, from the willful belief in the power of love ("Love makes the world go round") through hurt ("You'll get over it") to established-but-less-than-content coupledom ("Think of the children").
Then take a look at another icon of coupledom -Stan and Hilda Ogden.
It was a moving, thought-provoking duet about the trials and tribulations of coupledom, and IT MAY HAVE GIVEN MORE THAN ONE COUPLE PAUSE ON VALENTINE'S DAY.
He observed that sexual orientation is as fundamentally related to same sex coupledom as pregnancy is fundamentally related to being female.