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In a ghazal, "one couplet may be comic, another tragic, another romantic, another religious, another political" ("Introduction" 2); the form thus tends to maximize the production of "new meaning" in each occurrence of a refrain.
Rhyming ABABABCC, the ottava's main feature is a disjunction, as in the English sonnet, between an alternately rhyming structure anda concluding couplet that is alien, in the sense that it does not rhyme with anything preceding it.
Many primary grade pupils enjoy rhyme in a couplet when writing poetry.
The center has fostered cultural understanding through education and fun," according to NCKU CLC Director Rong-Fu Wu who added that a spring couplet is a pair of lines of poetry expressing happy and hopeful thoughts for the coming year.
The Couplet app demonstrates that being engaged is not simply an exercise in event planning -- it is about preparing for marriage.
the first couplet as well as the second line of the remaining couplets.
In a couplet in this book he says, "Phulan Waangon Mehkaan Ohdey Pyar Diyan/Yaadan Wich Nei Rutan Rang Bahar Diyan.
JUNCTION CITY - The public may meet and share ideas with members of the International Society of Community and Regional Planners regarding how to keep a healthy downtown here after the planned split of its main drag - Highway 99 - into a couplet of one-way streets from 1 p.
In a nod to his internet exploits, they also serenaded Ashley Young with a largely unprintable version of 'Lord Of The Dance' which included the couplet "You can please yourself wherever you may be/As long as you score at Wemberlee.
The poem closes with the couplet "Beauty is truth, truth beauty," - that is all
A brief, rhyming couplet accompanies each letter of the alphabet, and most entries are followed by a prose explanation of words or terms that may be unfamiliar to a child.
An old Scottish couplet reads: If Candlemas Day be bright and clear There'll be twa winters in the year.