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A certificate evidencing the obligation to pay an installment of interest or a dividend that must be cut and presented to its issuer for payment when it is due.

Coupons are usually attached to a document, such as a promissory note, bond, share of stock, or a bearer instrument. A coupon is a written contract for the payment of a definite amount on a specified date according to the terms of the main document from which it must be separated for presentation for payment. Each coupon represents a separate promise by its issuer to pay its holder on the due date. Failure to do so will support a Cause of Action for breach of contract.


noun allocation, card, certificate, check, cheque, credit, credit check, detachable part of a certificate, detachable portion, dividend, interest certificate, interim dividend, negotiable instrument, note, premium bond, preeium certificate, redeemable part, redemption slip, sepaaable part of a certificate, separate ticket, share-out, slip, stub, ticket, token, voucher, written instrument
Associated concepts: coupon bond, coupon book, coupon interest, coupon note
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But living on one income with a $300 monthly budget for all supermarket purchases has forced her to become skilled at the coupon game.
Yet these efforts can still fall short in persuading shoppers to pick up a coupon, says Allen Mills, senior vice president of the 12-store supermarket chain.
As Brown is quick to point out, "I only use coupons for items I actually use, instead of buying an item simply because there is a coupon for it.
Catalina has installed personal computers in each retail store as well as thermal printers near the checkout scanners that it uses to produce either a coupon or an advertising message.
Although many traditional coupon programs will not qualify, the deduction should be available for certain targeted incentives used as part of special promotions or to build store traffic, such as "frequent buyer" type programs rewarding selected customers with redeemable store credits for future purchases.
Duration incorporates both coupon size and maturity length in approximating the degree to which a bond's market price will be affected by interest rate changes.
Consumers with a tip on a great retail coupon can submit them at coupontip@couponsinc.
To further understand couponing behavior, the study divided consumers into three categories: all shoppers, digital coupon shoppers and heavy digital coupon shoppers.
It is helpful for people that need multiple coupons for things like pizza and convenient if you have lost your coupon.
Industry analysts say this year's first-quarter weakening economy is no exception, as coupon distribution and redemption is expected to increase.
And although coupon distribution has declined from its high point of 310 billion in 1992, 268.