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The situation forces Fidler to act courageously, and he gets shot in the butt for his troubles.
Exhausted Greg Rusedski courageously pushed himself a step closer to becoming the first British man to reach the world's top 10 yesterday.
Cyrus Mehri, who has been lead counsel in major settlements involving Texaco and The Coca-Cola Company, as well as diversity efforts in the National Football League, declared, "The plaintiffs have courageously stepped forward to be a catalyst for change at Morgan Stanley that will have a ripple effect throughout the industry.
While his colleagues struggle courageously to get to Jack in time, he thinks back on his life.
Inspired by this inner richness, the Christian communicates it courageously and witnesses to it consistently," he said.
His family should be praised for courageously putting aside their grief to try to raise people's awareness of the deadly disease.
Over the past couple months, more military chaplains have courageously stepped forward - many of them jeopardizing their careers - to confirm that the suppression of religious freedom is a pervasive problem.
And all the many years of his life were rich with purpose and worth - including the final 10, when he graciously and courageously endured his affliction.
John's great faith, in that he was the only one of the twelve apostles to obediently and courageously follow Jesus to His death.
Co-written by the disc's executive producer Kara DioGuardi, who has worked with Ashlee Simpson, Whitney Houston, and Kelly Clarkson, (as well as collaborating with Lindsay on her first album), among others, the song courageously explores Lindsay's volatile relationship with her troubled father, who is currently serving time for multiple imprudent legal violations.
Good ol' Gary Stevens, tossed off Storming Home last month in the Arlington Million, courageously climbs back on him to run in the Turf as the 9-to-5 favorite.