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Our ability to act courageously flows from God and His power.
The UAE Ambassador also expressed his sincere condolences over the martyrdom of brave BDF servicemen in the line of duty while courageously performing their sacred national duty alongside the Saudi-led Arab coalition in defending the legitimacy in Yemen.
This is a welcome decision, and one that will encourage victims and activists in Sri Lanka who have strived so courageously for accountability and justice.
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We rejoice that priests around the world courageously join with all Catholics in being faithful to their call to serve the People of God in a community of unconditional love.
The visitors were three down in eight minutes, but courageously fought back to create enough chances to win the contest.
Away from mud filled trenches, away from blood and pain, They'd fought so hard, courageously, their lives were not in vain.
Passed away peacefully on Easter Sunday; courageously stoic following a stroke.
This is what the Archbishop was doing, and courageously so in the current climate of either apathy towards the religion or sarcasm or mockery aimed at those who try to uphold Christian values.
The day you begin to stare down your fears and worries as a leader, and instead act courageously, your business will change.
Summary: Publicist Max Clifford has revealed how Jade Goody is courageously coping with cancer.
The need for Catholics to live their faith more courageously is a central theme of the book.