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Particular traits and characteristics that tend to foster leadership are commitment, openness, responsibility, honesty, compassion, collaboration, influence, courageousness, confidence, good listening skills, good communication skills, and a motivation to manage a situation (Curtis, de Vries & Sheerin, 2011; Tomajan, 2012).
At 374a-b, Socrates insists that in every case, whether horse, dog or any other animal, there's no courageousness without a high-spirited nature; for, he tells the impetuous Glaucon:
Numerous anecdotal stories provide insight into the ingenuity, courageousness, and selfless dedication demanded by, and showcased within, the U.
Courageousness acts in accordance with other--often more fundamental--intellectual virtues.
Wali of Khartoum State, Dr Abdul-Rahman Al-Khidir described the celebrations as attempt to recall the history for building the future for, he explained, the battle of liberation of Khartoum reflected the bravery and courageousness of the Sudanese people.
History will record the numerous achievements of the deceased to defend Arabism and Islam with honor, justice, pride and courageousness," read the Egyptian statement.
Some enlisted soldiers believed that the personal qualities that made them valuable members of the community, such as moral purity and innate courageousness, predicted success on the battlefield more than military training did (Linderman 83-87).
The committee's narrative of exploration, courageousness, selflessness and lawfulness, was inconsistent to both later histories and the memories of the Gippsland explorers.
and does not threaten Cabinet AL-MUSTAQBAL: Sleiman accuses some individuals of beheading Lebanon due to abolishment of "Baabda Declaration" and praises Hariri's courageousness Bad political and weather situation AL-AKHBAR: Parliament term extension within week Mashnouk attacks Hezbollah: Error in security plan THE DAILY STAR: Future-Hezbollah verbal sparring raises stake A war of words erupted over the weekend between the Future Movement and Hezbollah, signaling a major political escalation as the country faced mounting security threats from Islamist militants.
The lion has historically symbolised courageousness, elegance and leadership.
Future studies might consider assessing with actually engaged student constructs besides hope, such as empathy, courageousness, and respect for disenfranchised groups.
His courageousness has prompted Mubarak to answer a question about ElBaradei while visiting Berlin for talks with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the 3 of April 2010.