course of action

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Disadvantages: This course of action would provide the HBCT with a legitimate means of denying CBRN Soldiers the opportunity to perform CBRN jobs.
If my circumstances are unfortunate, however, I may recognize that these two negative ends will be in frequent, recurring conflict, so that I will often have to act in a manner incompatible with one of these negative ends in order to avoid "acting against" the other, choosing a course of action which one of my concerns disposes me to exclude from my thought.
Understanding people -- Executives who handle interpersonal situations well are able to recognize underlying agendas; gauge how these agendas may conflict with one another; and anticipate the probable effects and likely unintended consequences of a chosen course of action.
In 2005, the United States will work in APEC to get an APEC Anti-Corruption and Transparency Task Force up and running so we can start implementing this course of action.
For each combination of a state of nature and a course of action there is a payoff or outcome.
Room-to-room searches were in effect until partisans from the Skatepark of Tampa managed to convince the cops to abandon this course of action.
The advisory Administrative Committee assists with CBA enforcement activities by monitoring enforcement investigations; conducting investigative hearings; and recommending a course of action upon the conclusion of investigations.
The Analysis and Preliminary Design Phase is analogous to many steps in the MDMP, including: an estimate of the situation; mission analysis; and course of action development, comparison, and selection.
And last night the WRU board of directors agreed a course of action outlined by Moffett regarding the Warriors, who are now wholly controlled by the Union following their purchase of Bridgend's 50 per cent shareholding.
Attendees will learn crucial emergency management techniques--including how to create a Building Command Center, how to train tenants and staff and how to determine the correct course of action during an emergency scenario--from the experts themselves.
Placed in a life-threatening, rapidly developing situation, individuals with true expertise exhibit the capacity to assess the available cues, interpret events, and quickly reach a decision concerning an appropriate course of action.
Then there's the last possible course of action, one which seems all too plausible in light of the highly partisan, ideologically charged Democratic leadership: Simple obstruction.