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SVI Training Products is a leading developer and distributor of PC courseware and skills testing products.
SuccessMaker Enterprise electronic curriculum is scalable courseware that aligns with district, local, and national standards, and is supported by a comprehensive management system.
For a copy of a white paper, "NovaNET Courseware for Grades 6-12: Developed, Validated, and Refined by Research," which explains how the NovaNET system meets new legislative requirements for research-based solutions to boost student achievement, visit http://www.
Digital courseware has the potential to improve student learning outcomes and catalyze changes in education practice.
The first courseware that used the behaviourist approach was Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI), designed in the 1970s (Saettler 1990).
But this issue was finally brought to a head by the furor that erupted over the faculty rights to courseware they developed to teach their classes.
Electronic Courseware Development: Using the latest educational technology, the CCE blends traditional paper-based courseware and standup instruction with electronic interactive multimedia instruction (IMI) <http://www.
Repurposing of CAD and other complex data is perhaps the largest problem in industrial courseware creation today," says John Brooks, director of Training Systems Development, AERA, Orlando.
The goal of the Information Assurance Courseware Evaluation (IACE) Program is to ensure compliance with national standards for information assurance education and training throughout the nation.
Sideris also indicated that the new print license and e-Learning delivery methods are consistent with the options now available for all new IT training content offered by Sideris Courseware.
Academic courseware affords students access to course content from anywhere and at anytime.