court decision

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In this case, the local court decision cannot be executed until the decision concerning the local court decision is made by the supreme court.
The taxpayer revolt in California, prompted partly by that state supreme court's school finance decision in the famous Serrano case, illustrates how resistance to court decisions can severely blunt the effectiveness of a judicial strategy.
Supreme Court decisions appeared fairly regularly in the publications Sovetskaia iustitsiia (Soviet Justice), Sudebnaia praktika Verkhovnogo Suda SSSR (The Legal Practice of the Supreme Court of the USSR), Biulleten' Verkhovnogo Suda SSSR (The Bulletin of the Supreme Court of the USSR), and Biulleten' Verkhovnogo Suda RSFSR (The Bulletin of the Supreme Court of the RSFSR).
But if the full 11th Circuit does not hear the appeal in the O'Hagan case, a Supreme Court decision is likely.
Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit erred in its July 2004 decision upholding a district court decision that concluded that Kansas City authorities acted properly in June 2001 when police arrested pro-life demonstrators who were peacefully assembled on public property at a Kansas City intersection.
The First Amendment right to freedom of speech includes a right not to be compelled to render financial support for others' speech,'' the appeals court said, relying on a 1977 Supreme Court decision that involved the use of a union member's dues.
Supreme Court on behalf of the Adams County/Ohio Valley School Board asking the high court to take the case and overturn the appeals court decision.
Supreme Court denied certiorari in Covad's appeal from the 11th Circuit Court decision in Covad's antitrust lawsuit against BellSouth (Covad Communications Co.
CPAs whose clients have been awarded judgments or settlements subject to contingent fee agreements should be mindful of state laws governing who maintains rights in a lawsuit and the circuit within which a court decision would fall.
2] In Dickerson, the Fourth Circuit overturned a lower court decision [3] to suppress a confession obtained in violation of the Miranda warnings.
In the face of the recent court decision that the U.