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Sevy, in his lawsuit, says the court officers assaulted him, unlawfully arrested him, and violated his right to free speech in what he considered a "symbolic protest" in paying an "unjustified" ticket.
Ravanis on a stretcher at the bottom of the stairs by the prisoner entrance at the court with stretcher straps, a bed sheet and two pairs of handcuffs, after she was arrested by a court officer for disorderly conduct.
Gannon also said she helped the father of Murray's chief of staff, who was then working as a restaurant cook, pursue a job as an associate court officer.
8 ( ANI ): A new state rule requires all court officers to wear bullet-proof vests - but the safety gear has no contoured room for breasts which has made it painful and irritating for women, female officers have said.
Any offence on a court officer in a court in service must be viewed as a very serious matter.
The boy,identified as S,had told a court officer that although he loved his father,he could not imagine living without his mother in England.
a court officer finally opened the door, I and a flood of people streamed into the courtroom.
The court officer job is being done by some very nice ladies.
We sadly report that the Trial Court has learned the very disturbing news that Court Officer Glomerys Martinez died (Monday) in her home in Worcester, in what law enforcement officials are calling a case of domestic violence," Chief Justice of the Trial Court Robert A.
A police source said: "Deya was recognised by a court officer who remembered the stories in the Record at the time.