court rule

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According to CLC President Jim Hughes, "The Prime Minister has sought to stifle legitimate debate by having the Court rule before draft legislation has even been presented to parliament.
series of state and local court rule reference texts.
Tax Court Rule 1(b) ("These Rules shall be construed to effect the just, speedy, and inexpensive determination of every case").
Not only did the court rule the city's claims were substantively inadequate, but the court ruled also against the city on a variety of procedural defenses asserted by Cemex,'' said Kerry Shapiro, the lead attorney for Cemex's Soledad Canyon project.
A recent Supreme Court decision held that the Tax Court may not exclude the special trial judge's Tax Court Rule 183(b) report from the record on appeal.
The supplement will be shipped to all 1995 Philadelphia Court Rule subscribers.
Not only did the court rule for us but they did so in a very strong and powerful way and went out of their way to reject the stereo-types and insinuations that the Boy Scouts tried to play on.
Under Tax Court Rule 281(b), a petition entitled "Petition for Review of Failure to Abate Interest Under Code Section 6404" must contain the following: 1.
CompuLaw LLC, Los Angeles, a leading publisher of calendar/docket software with built-in court rules databases, has released Vision SQL version 8.
Additionally, File & Serve automatically arranges the appropriate filing or service method - electronic or paper - based on court rules and requirements to ensure attorneys are always in compliance with court orders.
CompuLaw LLC, Los Angeles, publisher of calendar/docket software with built-in court rules databases, has launched a comprehensive collection of U.
June 10, 2003--The Ontario Appeal Court rules traditional marriage unconstitutional as of that date.