courts of justice

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1274a] magistrates, an aristocracy; and in their courts of justice, a democracy.
The majesty of the national authority must be manifested through the medium of the courts of justice.
The success of it would require not merely a factious majority in the legislature, but the concurrence of the courts of justice and of the body of the people.
Because when once an efficient national government is established, the best men in the country will not only consent to serve, but also will generally be appointed to manage it; for, although town or country, or other contracted influence, may place men in State assemblies, or senates, or courts of justice, or executive departments, yet more general and extensive reputation for talents and other qualifications will be necessary to recommend men to offices under the national government, -- especially as it will have the widest field for choice, and never experience that want of proper persons which is not uncommon in some of the States.
There is no making long marches in this country; an army here is a great city well peopled and under exact government: they take their wives and children with them, and the camp hath its streets, its market places, its churches, courts of justice, judges, and civil officers.
Upon what I said in relation to our courts of justice, his majesty desired to be satisfied in several points: and this I was the better able to do, having been formerly almost ruined by a long suit in chancery, which was decreed for me with costs.
David Challen (centre) with members of Justice for Women outside the Royal Courts of Justice Wife murder appeal A WOMAN who killed her husband with a hammer has won the go-ahead to challenge her conviction.
The road between the Royal Courts of Justice and the Laganside courts in Belfast is used by buses and motorists visiting or working in the courts.
The hiring out of parts of the Royal Courts of Justice for corporate parties was sharply criticised in the Commons yesterday.
TWO MEN dressed as Batman and Robin climbed on to the roof of the Royal Courts of Justice today to protest over the treatment of fathers in the family courts.
The men were aiming to stay on top of the Royal Courts of Justice for a week and took food,clothes and bedding with them.
Federalist 78, in fact, describes courts that must be active, although only in a very limited form, by saying that ``the courts of justice are to be considered as the bulwarks of a limited Constitution against legislative encroachments.