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CHIVALRY, ancient Eng. law. This word is derived from the French chevelier, a horseman. It is. the name of a tenure of land by knight's service. Chivalry was of two kinds: the first; which was regal, or held only of the king; or common, which was held of a common person. Co. Litt. h.t.

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In a quite stimulating piece, Peter Goodrich argues that the history of the law has forgotten or excluded what he calls the "gay science" promoted in the late medieval courts of love in France which saw love as a matter of erotic pleasure and personal intimacy, assigned women elevated positions, and thus threatened both canon and Roman law, which consequently abetted its suppression.
In Aquitaine she had presided over the legendary Courts of Love, surrounding herself with minstrels and story-tellers, balladeers, and romantic singers.