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In animals, some theories suggest that a good show in courtship indicates a good dad (in the narrowest meaning of dad).
Birds all over Wales have myriad and fascinating courtship rituals and techniques to attract a mate.
Adding to the courtship ritual, the birds call to each other and use the whirr of their wings to attract a mate.
The letters are as much courtship as it as LBJ's attempts to convince Lady Bird to marry him.
She added: "When couples go through a careful, Downton-style courtship process, they are able to form a relationship based on compatibility, not just physicality.
It is rumoured that the Prince of Wales will be played by British performer Ben Cross, best known for his portrayal of the Olympic athlete Harold Abrahams in vie Chariots of psis of the movie The film es the history of and Kate - from ment the two ts met at tland's restigious University of St Andrews, through the ups and downs of their nine-year courtship omplicated by ocial and Royal mily pressures, d intense global ia attention unding their ybook nuptials.
A courtship display, a physical demonstration of some kind, can often be what seals the link between a pair.
Understanding the role of males and females in shaping the courtship display in spiders is challenging in light of the cannibalistic behavior of females in many of these species (Elgar & Schneider 2004), since cues allowing for species recognition to avoid predation may be similar to those of mate assessment (Robinson & Robinson 1980; Andrade 1996; Schneider & Lubin 1998; Herberstein et al.
Of particular interest and insight are her chapters on female academies and on courtship and marriage.
Christopher Buckley's new novel, Supreme Courtship, poses the question: What would happen if a television judge actually served on the Supreme Court?
but only during courtship and fighting - not to walk.