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Kevin Carlyon, High Priest of the coven, said: ``She has been practising on the darker side of witchcraft and that can rebound on you and your closest friends.
There is now believed to be around 3,500, North and South, with about three quarters of them belonging to a coven.
There were about seven caravan sites in Coven after the war then gradually they built houses but there are about five sites still remaining.
She revealed that the number of young Irish women who want to become witches and join covens has risen sharply in the past couple of years.
from left, a woman in Home and Motorsave; a man in Coven Pharmacy; a man in Argos; a woman in New Look.
Beyond her coven responsibilities, Moen is a founding member of United We Circle - a sort of anti-defamation league for Witches.
Kevin, a printer from St Leonards On Sea, East Sussex, boasts a 574-strong coven.
The men, from the Coven and Fordhouses areas of Wolverhampton, were driving a white Toyota van and a silver Volkswagen van when they crashed in Brewood Road.
From left: Adrian Willet, Marilyn Richards and Tim Beale of Crest Nicholson at the company's newly-launched apartment scheme in Coven, South Staffordshire
Back in ancient Rome, witches were likened to pretty fairies, wood nymphs and Pomona, goddess of fruits, which is why the witches of the Topanga Canyon coven prefer pastel green gowns with pointed hats trimmed in locally grown sage and apple branches, said Christine Dzilvelis, chairwoman of the second annual Enchanted All Hallow's Eve Revel, a celebratory fund-raiser for the Santa Monica BayKeeper.
Kevin Carlyon, 38, the high priest of Britain's largest coven of white witches, wants to sacrifice Branson's business interests.
Through its new division, Archetype Films, which focuses on horror, suspense and action movies, the company also brought five additional new titles to the market, including the Vietnam MIA story THE VETERAN with Ally Sheedy, the slasher horror film HEARTSTOPPER with Robert Englund, the genetic engineering creature feature WARRIORS OF TERRA with Edward Furlong, the modern vampire tale THE LAST SECT with David Carradine and the coven in a girls' school thriller 5IVE GIRLS with Ron Perlman.