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In fact, he was instrumental in enabling the Reformed Presbyterians, also known as Covenanters, to unite with The Presbyterian Church in Canada.
From Old Mortality's endless pilgrimage restoring Covenanter gravestones to Alison Wilson's ritualized care of Milnewood after Henry Morton's presumed death, most of the rituals in Old Mortality are symbolic actions operating in a culture struggling over symbols.
LEGAL COMMENTARY: A covenant by a physician not to compete is not against public policy if it is intended to protect a legitimate interest of the covenantee and is not so broad as to be oppressive to the covenanter or the public.
The pattern was, much as before, collections of short stories, a novel (Prester John) which drew both on Scottish scenes and his African experience, and a biography of the Covenanter Chief, Montrose.
Covenanter Democracy: Scottish Popular Religion, Ethnicity, and the Varieties of Politico-religious Dissent in Upper Canada, 1815-1841.
Covenanter and Royalist, Cromwellian and Cavalier, Jacobite and Whig, Radical and Tory--the city made room for them all.
II, the monarchy, and the bishops, the Covenanter movement had
serried by the Scotch folk who came from the North of Ireland in the great migrations which gave American three hundred thousand people of Covenanter martyr blood, the largest and most important addition to our population, larger in numbers than either the Puritans of New England or the so-called Cavaliers of Virginia and Eastern Carolina; and far more important than either, in the growth of American nationality.
Arguing that both countries interpreted each other as 'warnings of where the Stuarts and their parliaments were taking the two kingdoms', Kerrigan tracks Scottish tensions--manifest in the Covenanter risings, assassination attempts on Archbishop Sharp, the writings of the Covenanter exile William Cleland and of the lawyer George Mackenzie, sympathetic to absolutism.
Although he champions the Covenanter cause after considering it thoughtfully, he does not hesitate to save Lord Evandale's life against Burley's will, help unconditionally the Bellenden family despite becoming an enemy of his fellows in arms, negotiate peace with the Duke of Monmouth and, particularly, behave unselfishly in order to achieve peace and freedom of conscience.
24) Covenanter Samuel Rutherford was an encyclopedia of political thought, drawing on over 700 authors both sacred and secular without prejudice (25) The use of Roman and canon law in the French Huguenot Vindiciae, Contra Tyrannos is so rich (and integrated with covenant theology) that scholars continue to debate whether it is not better classified as a work of late (and largely secular) medieval political thinking.
However, Alasdair Raffe's chapter, "Scottish State Oaths and the Revolution of 1688-90," looks at the religious as well as the political convictions underlying the decision to swear or abstain from the various oaths which were imposed by the new government, while Caroline Erskine's study of the political thought of the covenanter writers after the Restoration argues that identification as a persecuted religious minority influenced their theories of resistance to the monarch and their praise of 'martyrs' to the cause.