covering fire

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The covering fire they were giving was effective, which made them a target.
Asked about civilian casualties, Levy said no non-combatants were shot intentionally and the woman might have been hit when troops laid down covering fire to evacuate the wounded soldier.
Generally, insurers that write policies covering fire, theft, glass breakage, machinery breakdown, electronic equipment, motor damage or combined perils must include an "extraordinary event cover" for pool coverage.
Royal Marine, Lance Corporal Justin Thomas, 25, from Llantwit Fardre, received the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross for his courage providing covering fire for 20 comrades, despite being in an exposed position.
Covering fire and life safety, the program provides top-to-bottom inspections of all college facilities.
With the results, they created a two-propane burner device that simulates the shape and intensity of a bed covering fire.
NAA/NMHC have also applied for appointments to several of the new Technical Committees that will report to the TCC as well as for positions on existing Technical Committees covering fire, life safety and occupancy issues.
Not that even archangelic covering fire will be of much use to front-line Catholics whom no one has taught to identify the sound it makes.
For instance, Fussell tells us that in his officer training, much time was spent on the maneuver of having one half of the platoon provide covering fire while the lieutenant in charge led the other half around to the enemy's flank for a surprise assault.
The Building Owners and Managers Association and the Real Estate Board of New York have joined with the New York City Building Department and the Fire Department to examine existing municipal codes like Local Law 5, covering fire safety in high-rise buildings, and Local Law 10, covering elevator and other structural inspections, and the Americans with Disabilities Act -- to ascertain if they are adequately protecting tenants.
Non-life insurance provides policies covering fire, motor vehicle use, marine activities, health, accidents and miscellaneous.