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The author is of the opinion that the main confusion related to choice and classification of security features is because features should be ideally classified as either visible or invisible, as this was the initial intention both of the TPD and independent reports used as the basis for the implementing decision, rather than the introduction of three categories whose 'borders' are not clear-cut (particularly in the case of the covert category).
On its last point of contention, the Township claimed the New Covert appraisal was erroneous because it had subtracted economic obsolescence followed by functional obsolescence in calculating the cost, but the textbook that the New Covert appraiser had used called for applying them in the opposite order.
The last third of the book describes the covert action that occurred after the revelations of CIA involvement.
QB plans to open at 1539 Covert Street in September, using the indoor space as a brewery with an onsite tap room and bar, and the outdoor space as a beer garden.
Subsection (E) authorizes a covert search when notice would "otherwise seriously jeopardizfe] an investigation.
To fully understand the differences in attribution styles between overt and covert narcissism when there has been a transgression, it is important to limit the scope and consider only negative events that are harmful or hurtful.
certain aspects of current covert action reporting requirements.
Mitt Romney pledged to "work on a covert basis to encourage the dissidents.
This collection of twenty-one articles on covert racism showcases current scholarship in a variety of areas relating to subtleties of racial stereotyping and the indirect exercise of power based on race.
Before joining Kroger, Covert worked for 22 years in a number of management positions at Procter & Gamble Co.
Covert was due to run under a penalty in the last of ten races at Wolverhampton on December 17 - imagine our frustration when, as the horses were in the parade ring, there came a stark announcement that the final race had been abandoned.