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But searching covertly for this individual should have lasted for a few days maximum.
Ms Foster also had a jar of jelly babies under her desk she could use to covertly administer medication.
Neighbourhood policing teams are providing crime prevention advice, additional patrols and targeting areas identified with mobile CCTV cameras, some of which are covertly sited.
blackmail, covertly abolishing or eroding democracy and national sovereignty" and said one target of its warrants would be the IMF's top official for Greece, Poul Thomsen.
In the clip, which was covertly filmed on the 29 bus between Wood Green and Trafalgar Square, the woman is seen shouting at the man before attempting to attack him.
He said this would all be done covertly so that the United States could deny doing it.
A programme can be embedded in the attached document which takes the hacked user's phone off to a secret website site which covertly downloads spying software onto the smartphone.
I fully support any action Mr Gray may take in neutering Mr Dowling or his organisation and am at this moment recruiting undercover, infiltration operatives who, after a month's training in the various hostelries of Whitley Bay, will covertly cross the Tyne and go deep.
A Llanelli boy, descendant of farmers and miners and I believe in freedom of choice, not something to be covertly forced on my future family or myself.
Clark had covertly filmed the girls - both under 13 - and also had videos he had covertly taken on his camcorder of an elderly woman in the bath which he shot through her bathroom window.
Foxall, who was also convicted of a charge of possessing indecent photographs of children, had denied knowing that her husband Martin - who has since committed suicide - had covertly recorded the girls following pool parties at their marital home in Brownhills, West Midlands.
Summary: Morocco's communication ministry said it decided not to renew the accreditation of the photographer of Reuters news agency, Rafael Marchante in Morocco citing his behaviour as a "political opponent" and that he covertly worked for several press organs.