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Broke his poor wife's heart, turned his daughters out of doors, drove his sons into the streets; it was a blessing he went mad at last, through evil tempers, and covetousness, and selfishness, and guzzling, and drinking, or he'd have drove many others so.
As covetousness is the root of all evil, so poverty is, I believe, the worst of all snares.
After being some time absent, as if in his covetousness he could hardly make up his mind to produce the treasure to his partner, he returned with an old leathern hat-box, into which he had put the other box, for the better preservation of commonplace appearances, and for the disarming of suspicion.
Plotting covetousness and deliberate contrivance, in order to compass a selfish end, are nowhere abundant but in the world of the dramatist: they demand too intense a mental action for many of our fellow-parishioners to be guilty of them.
And, last but not least, US covetousness of the Syrian territories rich in oil, gas and water resources remains an unresolved question.
The evils coming out of a person's heart -- covetousness, evil thoughts, murder, adultery, greed, arrogance, and the like -- make the person unclean.
Their cries for children are no purer than a criminal's covetousness about his stash.
That the common and endless covetousness of everything from reindeer bodies to kilowatt energy produced unexpected and sometimes negative results in the Soviet case is a reason to "rethink economic expansion as a non-negotiable criterion in policymaking" (275).
96: "A man of low caste who through covetousness lives by the occupations of a higher one, the king shall deprive of his property and banish".
All God's laws are by rebels violated and broken, and that all sins possible to be committed against God or man be contained in rebellion; which sins if a man list to as name by the accustomed names of the seven capital or deadly sins, as pride, envy, wrath, covetousness, sloth, gluttony, and lechery .
It is the lingua franca of the medium, a wellspring of covetousness that inspires FOMO and a gotta-have-it hunger among users regarding seemingly any and all Instagram subjects: travel, food, fashion and, lately, watches.
However, this archaeological wealth creates covetousness throughout the country,"Al Lawati confirms.