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Cardiff council truancy officer Linda James and PC Stuart Cozens talk to young people on the street during their clampdown on truancy RICHARD WILLIAMS
Stour pulled one back after 38 minutes, centre Tom Jarvis finishing off a break by Cozens who added the conversion, but Cov finished the half on top with an injurytime try by prop Luke Beales who found a perfect running angle to cut through from a close-range ruck.
The idea was born to have a crack at something that is a bit special," the Courier Mail quoted Cozens as saying.
Graham Cozens, of Chester-le-Street District Council, said: "I am at a loss for words as to what motivation people might have had in uprooting thousands of plants in the dead of night.
Vodaphone UK spokesman Julien Cozens said: "The awards are open to anyone who has been instrumental in preventing the loss of life during the past two years.
Master practitioner Cozens (with over 100 Perl modules released) has gathered the best practices from the Perl community and concentrates on problem-solving and practicality as he covers parsing, templating tools, objects, databases, applications, natural language tools, Unicode, the Perl Object Environment (POE), testing, and inline extensions.
For instance, his 1805 perspective of Pandemonium, or Part of the High Capital of Satan and His Peers with its endless Neo-Classical arcades, and domes and pyramids belching fire, and sable backdrop of arid mountains conflates the horrors of Milton's Palace of the Rebel Angels with the smoke and flames of the Industrial Revolution (Lukacher tentatively suggests Ledoux's 1804 Cannon Factory at Chaux as a possible source for some of the imagery; surely the influence of Alexander Cozens at Coalbrookdale is there too).
Crump, Incredible Eyes is a compilation of the best of these images and represents the photographic work of such renowned talents as Ilene Perlman, Eric Cozens, Dominic Rouse, Howard Koby, Jeffery Schultz, Monica Oroczco, Tabitha Soren, Anthonty Satori, Amy Heller, Miia Rule, Michelle Gibson, and dozens of others.
Cozens had been elected Senior Vice President of IPC Holdings, Ltd.
Barry Ramsey, 52, of Wickford, Essex, has been charged with the manslaughter of Narelle Cozens, 28, and Michael Lawrence, 24.
A WOMAN who died when she was flung from a fairground ride was named yesterday as Australian Narelle Cozens.
Dad-of-five Dave Cozens is celebrating the publication of Spiral Thoughts, which comes 17 years after his first book Piece Of My Mind.