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Among the first generation hybrids were Osman, Columbia and Sylvia --significant improvements over the Siberian Crab Apple and having the necessary winter hardiness to survive on the prairies.
When mature, the trees which are a variety of crab apple known as 'Street parade', will form an oval shape and produce an abundance of flowers in May.
MALUS 'EVERESTE' CRAB APPLE THESE are a great choice of tree for the smaller garden and this is one of my favourites.
Failing that, get a crab apple tree and it could cross-pollinate.
One of the most glorious trees in my garden this week – and probably for the next month – is a big crab apple, Malus Golden Hornet, that stands by the side of the track.
The National Park Authority's Rangers and volunteer Tree Wardens worked with community and school volunteers to dig in native fruit-bearing tree and hedgerow shrubs including hawthorn, hazel, rowan, honeysuckle, crab apple and wild pear.
The harsh Prairie climate places limits on growing fruit, but it is conducive to crab apple, small apple and berry production.
In the middleweight division is a 158-point southern crab apple (Malus angustifolia) in Chestertown.
Fairway recommends that it should be deep fried from frozen until golden brown, usually three minutes or less and then served with a dressed mixed leaf salad, with cranberry or redcurrant sauce, red gooseberry compote, crab apple jelly or even a sweet chilli sauce.