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Across all drug types, crack cocaine offenders were most likely to have extensive criminal histories (40 percent), to have used a weapon (32 percent) and to have received longer prison terms (an average of more than 14 years).
The drug runners described their method of selling crack cocaine, and I later observed this pattern of activity taking place on the streets of Chinatown.
But they maintain that crack cocaine is not water soluble and that the small amounts they are selling would pass through a person's system, if swallowed, without doing harm.
20 participants from Fulton County's diversion, probation, and parole populations will be treated for cocaine, crack cocaine, and methamphetamine dependencies.
Elmsway Close, Liverpool; pleaded guilty to two charges of conspiracy to supply heroin and crack cocaine - four years Tawanda Smart, 20, of .
Boris Brown, 35, of Bishop's Court in Berry Brow, faces 13 allegations of supplying crack cocaine and heroin between November and December last year.
Mr Pugh said police also discovered cutting agents, traces of cocaine on a microwave plate, debris from crack cocaine ingredient bicarbonate soda as well as digital weighing scales, packing material and latex gloves.
The court heard on that occasion how he was a "prime mover" who employed and deployed runners in a crack cocaine "family business".
Reyes was arraigned in Central District Court yesterday on a charge of crack cocaine distribution, possession of crack cocaine with intent to distribute, drug violation within 1,000 feet of a school zone and drug violation within 100 feet of a park.
As well as crack cocaine, police also seized a quantity of cannabis and Ecstasy in the busts.
LOBO also sold crack cocaine to an undercover officer on March 25, 2005, March 31, 2005 and April 8, 2005 and sold cocaine to the undercover officer on March 25, 2005.
Montes testified during his trial he was addicted to crack cocaine and had a $100-a-day habit.