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According to Cradler, AJR-7 has been introduced in the State Assembly with broad support ranging from school districts, county offices of education, National education associations, and has other members of both the State Assembly and Senate agreeing to be co-authors.
From the use of educational radio programs in the classroom in the 1920's and 1930's (Atkinson, 1942), to the use of television in elementary school curricula (Cuban, 1986), and the use of computers within formalized learning settings (Coley, Cradler & Engel, 1997), technologies have continually held the promise of improving the learning process.
Research on successfully developing, evaluating, studying, and implementing a wide range of technology-based educational programs suggests that the value of technology for students will not be realized unless attention is paid to several important considerations that support the effective use of technology (ISTE, 2002; Byrom and Bingham, 2001; Chang, Henriquez, Honey, Light, Moeller, and Ross, 1998; Cradler, 1997; Frederiksen and White, 1997; Hawkins, Panush, and Spielvogel, 1996; Honey, McMillan, Tsikalas, and Light, 1996; National Foundation for the Improvement of Education, 1996; Pea and Gomez, 1992).
In her matrix, cradler, herself giver as her mother and child; she is her own sister-daughter.