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It was touching to see him sitting idle on his working-stool, regarding her so wistfully, and always saying in his face, 'Have I deceived her from her cradle, but to break her heart
And you were cut out for a bachelor," pursued Miss Pross, "before you were put in your cradle.
Meanwhile the cradle continued to float peacefully along the canal till, on the outskirts of the royal gardens, it was suddenly perceived by the intendant, one of the highest and most respected officials in the kingdom.
She wanted to fetch the pretty cradle to put it into her room before Thumbelina herself came there.
THE bookcase and the bird- cage were rescued from under the coal-box; but Hunca Munca has got the cradle and some of Lucinda's clothes.
They were a regular series of thumpings from the interior of the house, occasioned by the violent rocking of a cradle upon a stone floor, to which movement a feminine voice kept time by singing, in a vigorous gallopade, the favourite ditty of "The Spotted Cow"--
They had only been married a few months, and were both delighted with the rosy boy who lay in the cradle at the foot of the bed.
Inside the den they saw the strange white ape lying half across a table, his head buried in his arms; and on the bed lay a figure covered by a sailcloth, while from a tiny rustic cradle came the plaintive wailing of a babe.
I see her bending over the cradle of her first-born, college for him already in her eye (and my father not less ambitious), and anon it is a girl who is in the cradle, and then another girl - already a tragic figure to those who know the end.
Wendy," remonstrated [scolded] Michael, "I'm too big for a cradle.
You are a comic little figure, hopping from the cradle to the grave.
She will swaddle the sheep like a new-born baby and lay it in the cradle.