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PHOTO Judy Benes browses through the homemade items sold at Crafters Guild in Thousand Oaks.
Photos of craft festivals, participating crafters and their work are available by contacting AnaBelle Ramos at anabelle@artfestival.
The durable, long-lasting, flexible foam forms from DesignLynx are made of a revolutionary foam technology that offers crafters the ability to create and recreate bendable, connectable, adaptable decorations that will not break down over time.
Over 80 crafters typically participate, offering handmade items such as jewelry, quilts, baskets, ceramics, painted clothing, needlework, toys, wood items, silk flowers, holiday gifts and art works.
In order to ensure a superior event with quality affordable original crafts, all of the local and national crafters have been hand-selected from hundreds of applicants by American Craft Endeavors, the largest producer of craft fairs throughout the country.
A Chinese auction and raffle will offer chances to win items donated by the crafters.
The market will be comprised of local growers selling products, which they have raised on their own farms, and of crafters selling their own handmade treasures.
Large Size Ideal for Holiday Crafters and Well-Suited for Consumers with Wide-Format Printers
Artists & crafters hand-selected from hundreds of applicants
Crafters and hobbyists will also enjoy the freedom to create or fix jewelry or build a model airplane just about anywhere with the help of the
Pete Beach Corey Area Craft Festival returns December 1 - 2, 2012 with 150 of the country's leading crafters.
com), a California-based Arts & Crafts Web site which has been providing crafters with valuable information and resources since 1998.