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and, while old warrior Skelton is craftier than Harrison, it's difficult to see him posing any threat to Price, who has stopped 12 of his 14 opponents.
Joyce said since the recession job-scammers eager to trap those desperate for work have gotten craftier in their attempts to steal people's identification, money or personal information.
And trying to ensure that they both play nicely is head clerk, Billy (Neil Stuke), who is craftier than a barrel full of lawyers.
At the time, a number of people--in and out of the administration--were advising that the president's goal for the summit should be to just to get by--to do what was necessary to survive the encounter with the younger and allegedly craftier Soviet leader.
For example, some craftier strategies cheat occasionally in the playing of the prisoner's dilemma game and thereby slightly outperform Tit-for-Tat in head-to-head competition.
Then comes study of why the defense is doing what it does, something that presumably makes a player craftier when lined up across from a player that knows only his own assignment.
The other, craftier benefit to the anecdotal approach is that it allows politicians to pretend that their aims, in contrast to those of their opponents, are based on pure sweet empathy rather than cold, unfeeling ideology.
The grip that leaders from across the political spectrum have gained over the country's cricketing boards could be craftier than Shane Warne ever managed in the course of his career.
He's getting bigger, more fun, smarter and craftier by the day.
It should be noted that Lazarevic established the domination of the son's confession in a craftier manner.
Truth, always the first casualty in war, has been buried for 60 years by a craftier Israeli PR machine.
M idfield youngsters Damien Plessis and later Jay Spearing both slotted in well in the centre of the park while out wide Yossi Benayoun's tricks seemed to be far more craftier than anything Rangers's defenders come up against in the SPL on a regular basis.