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Mobile cramming is an issue that has affected millions of consumers, sticking them with charges they did not authorize, and the FTC has worked hard to combat it," said Jessica Rich, the Director of the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection.
Led by Vermont, with Delaware, Florida, Maryland, Oregon, Texas and Washington, forty-five states have participated in the talks designed to stop the practice of mobile cramming, by which the industry means unapproved third-party charges that appear on mobile phone bills.
How much easier would it have been to study a few chapters a day instead of cramming 10 chapters into one night?
Noting that this change would also prove inefficient and inconvenient for the small businesses it seeks to protect, Wasch recommended that the FTC abandon this approach and refocus its efforts to combat Web site cramming targeted at small businesses.
Although newspaper and magazine clippings supply pundits with most of their cramming material, those who want their views to sound particularly fresh, original, or well-informed, may go one step further and seek counsel from experts in government, academics, and the press.
Jay) Rockefeller IV is leading an investigation into cramming - a deceptive practice that adds unauthorized third-party charges to millions of companies' and consumers' telephone bills each month.
The carrier billing is so complicated and difficult to read and analyze that it creates a natural environment for cramming to flourish.
However, cramming has declined over the last year, according to Holly Anderson, director of Communications at the National Consumer League.
From getting a part-time job to cramming for finals, the parents are involved in everything.
TV host Steve Cram was banned from driving yesterday for cramming too many people into his car.
Stop cramming soccer down our throats, demanded a letter-writer to Sports Illustrated after the magazine devoted precious pages to David Beckham a few weeks ago.