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It is immensely unwise to sustain such an examination system that only assesses your cramming skills.
The news has been welcomed as PSMS accounts for most of third-party charges on cell phones and for the overwhelming bulk of cramming complaints.
In particular, we proposed that a major positive effect of cramming is that students may feel something akin to the "flow state" discussed by Csikszentmihalyi (1990, 1997).
Although newspaper and magazine clippings supply pundits with most of their cramming material, those who want their views to sound particularly fresh, original, or well-informed, may go one step further and seek counsel from experts in government, academics, and the press.
Jay) Rockefeller IV is leading an investigation into cramming - a deceptive practice that adds unauthorized third-party charges to millions of companies' and consumers' telephone bills each month.
With the downward pressure on long distance rates, it appears the long distance carriers are trying to make up the difference by cramming the bills with additional charges in areas not so obvious to the business telecom user," said Roberts.
Q: There was a lot of talk about telephone cramming last year.
From getting a part-time job to cramming for finals, the parents are involved in everything.
From junior level to intermediate, students are forced to learn syllabus by means of cramming.
Stop cramming soccer down our throats, demanded a letter-writer to Sports Illustrated after the magazine devoted precious pages to David Beckham a few weeks ago.
Pacific Bell has been an industry leader in protecting consumers against slamming and cramming.
TV host Steve Cram was banned from driving yesterday for cramming too many people into his car.