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In contrast to Macdonald's crankily measured radicalism, Hein's and Mermelstein's speeches are likened to "verbal hippie bombs.
The Daily Mail described the rulings of the Court as `veering crankily from the tragic to the farcical', while The Sun labelled the judges as `loony' and printed the telephone and fax numbers of the court for readers to use to vent their anger.
Sammler, a civilized intellectual refugee crankily at odds with the vulgar vitality of New York City in the 1960s, has already observed in the book's opening paragraph that "[i]ntellectual man had become an explaining creature.
which goes back to the trick that a mad Robert Lowell played, crankily testing him out, when Heaney visited him in hospital in 1976.
You may marry or murder or do what you like with him," the British writer crankily replied.
Her sister Laura (real-life sister Laura Silverman) bankrolls her irresponsibility but is kind of crankily selfish herself.
Prodded by no-nonsense partner Phie Ambo-Nielsen, almost always behind the lens, he begins to crankily examine this territory, eventually heading to Yemen to look for his airline pilot dad, who deserted the family years earlier.
Moretti is crankily opinionated without being an egomaniac.