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Her middle structure, covered by the bridge which bore him, his mate, the closed wheelhouse where a man was steering shut up with the fear of being swept overboard together with the whole thing in one great crash -- her middle structure was like a half-tide rock awash upon a coast.
I feel," said Miss Pross, "as if there had been a flash and a crash, and that crash was the last thing I should ever hear in this life.
O, my good man, there was first a great crash, and then a great stillness, and that stillness seems to be fixed and unchangeable, never to be broken any more as long as my life lasts.
The primary difference between a crash and a near-crash is a successful evasive maneuver," the researchers wrote.
Before a crash test can be run technicians must place the conventional dummies in position--no easy task considering the size and inflexibility of the umbilical cable--and each channel must be tested to see that it is working.
While Newman escaped his hair-raising crash with only bumps and braises, many NASCAR drivers have not been as lucky.
By conducting extensive crash tests at its indoor omni-directional Real World Crash Test Facility, applying advanced computer simulation technology, and leading the way with the introduction of motorcycle rider test dummies, Honda has gathered and analyzed a wide array of data on the behavior of motorcycles during collisions.
The Crash crew was set up near the Don River overpass, preparing to shoot the movie's climactic post-accident scene.
A second tip crash then gouges out silver atoms from the surface, without mixing them with tungsten from the tip.
While the immediate cause of the Crash was speculation that had sent prices too high, signs of a weakening economy, like a steep drop in farm prices, had been apparent earlier, but were overlooked or ignored.
It then recommends the routine collection of traffic crash and injury data to document the magnitude of the problem and the key risk factors.