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And so it came to pass that Marsh produced a gag that was crass, juvenile and unfunny, and as a consequence was ushered from the studio to the sound of tearing paper ( his contract.
It's just so inappropriate and crass and it takes all the romance and mystery out of courtship and out of meeting someone and just sparking something.
But Tory Lothians MSP Gavin Brown said: "This is a crass, insensitive and moneygrabbing move.
First seen on E4, I initially resisted this gauche and gawky gang because, well, I thought it was made up of beyond immature, puerile and crass individuals.
It was a crass comment, pathetic really, and I am glad he has had to withdraw it.
In a week when BNP National Chairman Nick Griffin were unbelievably invited to speak at Oxford University, that is crass indeed.
Sarah Ledoux, an Ozarks sophomore, says, "I find I take more pride in doing well in crass when I know I've washed dishes to be able to take that crass.
Sports Illustrated, once devoted to high-toned writing, now fills the entire first half of the magazine with quick-read gimmicks and crass junk.
G N CRASS, Crass Co Chartered Surveyors, Sedgefield
We're used to the usual charges against advertising: that it manipulates defenseless children, promotes crass materialism, and compels consumers to buy ever more of what they don't need.
I was appalled by the crass insensitivity and lack of understanding shown in the article written last week by David Banks, and disappointed that a newspaper of your high moral standing allowed it to be published.