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This latest unbelievably crass and insensitive comment is further proof Boris is not up to the job.
This may come as a surprise to anyone familiar with Crass's lyrics and slogans, but it is always interesting to be able to trace the trajectory of an individual's political positions, and the 'anarchism' of Crass was always a wee bit half-baked, as Rimbaud freely admits.
Warne said that it was best to celebrate within the confines of the dressing room and to go and disrespect something as ancient as the Oval pitch in such a manner was crass and arrogant.
CRASS John In memory of a loving brother and uncle.
Crass Struggle is impressive for its comprehensive ness, a testament to the two-plus decades Naylor has spent researching and writing about international black markets.
Tory MP Stephen Hammond, who is Mr Pickle's right-hand man in Parliament as his Parliamentary Private Secretary, said: "If these comments are correct they are incredibly crass and insensitive and show how out of touch Jeremy Beecham is.
Crass "Surely someone should have realised how crass and insensitive this was and simply found another venue.
It was a crass comment, pathetic really, and I am glad he has had to withdraw it.
The skateboarding crass is part of a trend toward phys-ed electives that can be pursued long after the crass is over.
It's a cultural project dreamed up by a West Kirby organisation titled Crass Routes.
This is yet another example of the crass, cover-your-backside game that city officials routinely engage in whenever the seemingly regular-as- clockwork LAPD flap happens.
The very frightening GOP mole Joseph Lieberman parroting the same crass cross-party line when he whined that Ned Lamont's win was a victory for the kind of people involved in the British airline bomb plot.