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One expects crassness - indeed nothing else - from Pietersen but it was depressing to see the England captain, a man widely lauded as decent, join in.
ADAM Sandler is more restrained than usual in his first Disney film, although he replaces crassness with silly slapstick.
But there's a fine line between wildness and crassness.
Such oscillations between taste and crassness resounded in the installation.
I won't dignify the crassness by mentioning some of the suggestions made, and besides I soon turned off the dreadful show.
Here, working from a screenplay he fashioned with producer (and partner) Silver Tree, Levy toys with aud allegiances, shifting them gradually from the initially likeable protags--with their nice house, cars and jobs--to the flightier Cathy, who gets caught in a whirlwind of emotions, and the brazen Bob, whose greasy-haired crassness gives way to genuine concern for the people involved.
To fire workers, some of whom worked there 20 years, is the height of crassness, and I don't think it will help (the hotels') cause in the long run.
Thaksin's crassness served Burma very well because it removed the spotlight that has been fixed on the political situation in Burma since the purge of pro-reform Prime Minister Khin Nyunt and fixed it on the South of Thailand.
Many cruise repeaters actually apologized to us for the crassness of the selling, telling us it didn't used to be this way.
Far more attuned to markets than such contemporary critics of crassness as Benjamin Barber and Wendell Berry, she writes with empathy and insight about the dark side of the branding game, the taunts and rejection directed at those who consume the "wrong" things.
The topics are especially wide-ranging: from the dynamics of the Moslem world to the economic outlooks of developing countries in Asia, from runaway globalization to the crassness of American popular culture.
It was an age of public crassness and private dreams, of religion at odds with intellect, of romantics, utopians, and social dropouts.