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CRAVEN. A word of obloquy, which in trials by battle, was pronounced by the vanquished; upon which judgment was rendered against him.

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Diamonds and small wheels," repeated Craven ruminating.
Craven," said he, talking like a man ten years younger, "you have got a legal warrant, haven't you, to go up and examine that grave?
Nevertheless they had obeyed him like automata; for Craven found a hatchet in his hand, and the warrant in his pocket; Flambeau was carrying the heavy spade of the strange gardener; Father Brown was carrying the little gilt book from which had been torn the name of God.
But by the time Inspector Craven had come to the corner of the grave, and Flambeau had planted his spade point downwards and leaned on it, they were both almost as shaken as the shaky wood and wire.
Craven stepped forward with his axe; a thistle-top touched him, and he flinched.
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He denied hammer attacks on dad-of-five Fred Craven then taxi driver John Tomey a year later in 1967.
Tina Marie Craven, a staff nurse on Ward 30 at North Tees Hospital, was struck off the nursing register following a review into her fitness to practise.
As the name of the show, "Untitled (Palettes: Naked, Tagged), 2013-14," implied, the fifty canvas objects on view in the gallery, all 24 x 18 inches, had first been used as palettes to mix paint; Craven says she finds it "easier to mix color on a canvas than on paper palettes.
WES CRAVEN made a comic-book movie ("Swamp Thing") before comic-book movies were cool, brazenly transformed an Ingmar Bergman scenario into a vicious grindhouse classic ("The Last House on the Left") and put Meryl Streep through her paces as she gave violin lessons to inner-city kids in "Music of the Heart.
Professional cyclist Dan Craven was ecstatic after completing his first Vuelta a Espana last weekend.
Craven is best known for her single Promise Me, which was number three in the UK charts in 1991 and was followed by a string of hits, including Holding On and Woman to Woman.