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Now parents are being advised to discuss these crazes with their kids rather than simply telling them off.
Coroner Emma Brown called on the Department for Education to provide guidelines for teachers on dealing with the craze.
The Aqua Craze is engineered to perform and is aesthetically pleasing, with a large screen that reproduces millions of colors in stunning resolution.
They urged me to do it, after some of the boys they knew had taken make-up selfies which was the latest craze.
I thought it was a terrible craze that had taken off and had made its way to schools and to young children and I feel we have a responsibility to try and change things for the better, not encourage bad behaviour.
Not only is the craze irresponsible, it is extremely dangerous and has, and will, cost many lives.
I'm not defending a drinking craze, I don't even drink myself, but I am defending my son.
But before we get our knickers in a twist about this latest daft craze, let''s remember that it''s just the latest in a long line of stupid things and will certainly be followed by another stupid thing.
Alcohol awareness groups have slammed the craze in which people complete a drinking dare and then nominate someone to do the same.
DCG is likely to occur when a single craze is generated, for example, at low [DELTA]K and/or nonpositive stress ratio (R [less than or equal to] 0).
Milking is the new Internet craze that is now starting to replace online planking, which involved a person lying on streets or other public places face down with their hands by their sides.