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1b, the fracture is characterized by the deformation of the craze fibrils, regardless of the grades.
Many papers have been published in an attempt to explain the initiation of crazes (5, 6), but there is still no universally accepted model for this mechanism.
The Design of Experiments (DOE) approach was used to build quantitative empirical models of the residual mechanical properties of crazed polycarbonate as functions of relative craze density, crazing stress, and strain rate.
PARENTS are being warned about the latest playground craze after a boy nearly died.
A WORRIED mum has warned parents to beware of a terrifying hanging craze that is sweeping schools.
A Craze is an event which connects the user's social media world through time and space.
Different from ABS-S, a lot of crazes and rubber particle cavitation can be found in ABS-L shown in Fig.
Irritating craze number 5 is Tamagotchi virtual pets.
Fearne introduces old pop videos and showcases the hits that inspired the crazes, with performances from soul diva Jocelyn Brown, Wigfield, Britain's Got Talent runners-up Signature, Jimmy Osmond, Claire Richards from Steps, and the cast from Grease.
Adults aren't immune to crazes either, with increasingly bizarre novelty items fetching big sums on eBay.
Tim Riley of Tweedle and Pip in Royal Arcade, Cardiff, said: 'Scoubis are our best sellers at the moment - we usually tend not to go for crazes and stick to traditional and educational toys but these are a great crafts activity.
It is feared that the craze could catch on in the UK, as other drugs crazes have swept across the Atlantic.