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But before we get our knickers in a twist about this latest daft craze, let''s remember that it''s just the latest in a long line of stupid things and will certainly be followed by another stupid thing.
Sam Loyd fuelled the Fifteen Puzzle craze by offering a $1,000 prize for anyone who could find a solution showing all the moves required to solve this puzzle.
It will come as a deeply worrying development in light of other deadly crazes in the past.
Introducing GeoCraze, a web and mobile application for iPhone[TM] and Android[TM] smart phones/tablets, that allows users to share images, location, and weather conditions for each Craze they create regardless of where they are in the world.
Crazes are formed not only nearby but also away from the equator of the rubber particles, and the propagation direction of crazes is nearly orthogonal to the deformation direction of the rubber particles.
London, Nov 21 (ANI): With a short top, front and sides and flowing mane at the back, mullet was a rage in the Eighties, however, now the hairstyle has been voted as the 'most cringeworthy craze of all time'.
Fearne Cotton finds a few more in this one-off special, doing a nostalgic delve through nine dance crazes ranging from Michael Jackson's Thriller routines to the Village People's camp YMCA, and from the Sixties Twist and the Locomotion to the Time Warp, made famous by The Rocky Horror Show.
Adults aren't immune to crazes either, with increasingly bizarre novelty items fetching big sums on eBay.
Tim Riley of Tweedle and Pip in Royal Arcade, Cardiff, said: 'Scoubis are our best sellers at the moment - we usually tend not to go for crazes and stick to traditional and educational toys but these are a great crafts activity.
It is feared that the craze could catch on in the UK, as other drugs crazes have swept across the Atlantic.
After all, both crazes featured rampant substance abuse and impotent governmental attempts at curtailing it.
Crazes come and go but this one has taken on such proportions that in America the addictive Pokemon phenomenon has been dubbed 'Kiddie Crack'.