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The country star and many other entertainers will appear in a number of Country Megaticket events from May 2 until June 6, after which time the singer's "Ten Times Crazier Tour" will begin.
In other ITV news, the broadcaster also announced an official start date for its new chief executive Adam Crazier.
If the Prime Minister and his "leading cadres" are asked, the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia should act crazy enough, even crazier than the Government and respond to the expansive fiscal policy with expansion of the monetary and credit activity, says Nikola Popovski in Dnevnik.
Apparently still smarting from not being cast in one of the recent Truman Capote movies, Leto also affects a bad Southern accent and comes off crazier than a bag of squirrels.
That doesn't mean we won't explore really crazy ideas on the next albums, or do something even crazier.
It's not something many men do but that doesn't mean it's any crazier than those who collect beer mats or paintings.
General Partin, an Air Force Command Pilot, sums up the case for Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon: "The alternative explanations just get crazier and crazier.
It all gets crazier and crazier, with some real laugh-out-loud moments.
When asked were Irish fans any different from his followers in the UK he said: "God yeah, they're far crazier.
20 at Lingfield won by Ballygriffin Kid, and things got crazier in the next as the fast-finishing second Mogaamer, who never got closer than the half-length verdict at the line, traded at 1.
An overbearing friend drags a woman in a wheelchair to a singles club where things get crazier and crazier as the night goes on.