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It purports< to be the record by "Those of Us Who Have Been Allowed to Remember" of the Super Flat Times, "years that did not seem to pass so much as inflate crazily to the bursting point, break, and collapse, withered and damp, only to be replaced by another weepy, indistinguishable abrasion.
The most difficult part of writing a column is to express a strong opinion which is what you're being paid for, after all without becoming crazily unfair.
With the economy spiralling crazily out of control, a month from now wage demands of 20,000% could be commonplace.
Crazily enough, Hindo could be right in the long rim.
It is wrong that parties are crazily seeking to extend their strength in the upper house'' as they do in the lower house, said Aoshima, a candidate in Sunday's upper house election who is pushing lawmaking by independents.
I turned gloomily to look at the English equivalent, the National Monuments Record which was crazily relocated in far distant Swindon.
The war ended almost as quickly and crazily as it began.
Pity the poor consumer, stumbling into an American department store, spinning crazily in a dizzying swirl of colors and cosmetics -- so many things to buy, so many choices to be made, so many shoes to try on.
Such investigations may eventually furnish clues as to why fractals appear to abound in nature, from crazily indented coastlines to the intricate branching of air passages in the human lung.
When its water hits the Feather, much of it then flows crazily into a technological never-land of crafted concrete, whirling turbine blades, and enormous pump impellers.
They set about re-writing history - winning the lottery, fixing exams and partying crazily - but soon realise that by changing the past they impact the future.