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When its water hits the Feather, much of it then flows crazily into a technological never-land of crafted concrete, whirling turbine blades, and enormous pump impellers.
Murdoch's novels are noted for intricacy of plot and character, psychological penetration, and subtlety of style, with a wit that ranges from recondite irony to the crazily comic.
We are crazily desperate to play this game," he said.
They set about re-writing history - winning the lottery, fixing exams and partying crazily - but soon realise that by changing the past they impact the future.
The car was pulled over but an un-named passenger got out and crazily tried to block the police car as Ali drove off at high speed.
Wymondham' crazily shortens to 'Windem' Just learn by heart, if baffled don't bin them Reveal that 'Happisburgh' is called 'Hazeborough' And some will hoot you're a kookaburra
I have seen many expatriates driving crazily, using his/her mobile phone or weaving in and out of traffic.
So-called legal highs led to illegal highs and her boy's life started to career crazily out of control.
This year has already been crazily busy with playing in London, starting the junior league and our B Team victory over the Wakey Wheeled Cats, so it would be brilliant if we could seal another win.
The final two pages are a witty bonus comprising crazily comic illustrations of ludicrous headgear.
Burton crazily surrended 6-5 to a stoppage time goal in their last home game against Cheltenham.