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Crazy but valiant," replied he of the Grove, "and more roguish than crazy or valiant.
Tulkinghorn has stood aloof by the old portmanteau, with his hands behind him, equally removed, to all appearance, from all three kinds of interest exhibited near the bed--from the young surgeon's professional interest in death, noticeable as being quite apart from his remarks on the deceased as an individual; from the old man's unction; and the little crazy woman's awe.
When a lion yawns in the thick of a fight, you know he ain't crazy.
I know just the boat," Neil said, at the conclusion of the discussion, "a crazy old sloop that's lying over at Tiburon.
Sir Jervis looked at me slyly; meaning, perhaps, that he thought his sister crazy too.
Was she too crazy to remember that these things really happened?
Yes," replied the shaggy man; "we are only obliged to hear this music a short time, until we leave him and go away; but the poor fellow must listen to himself as long as he lives, and that is enough to drive him crazy.
If he sees a woman roun' here he'll go crazy an' I'll lose me job
People thought your ma was crazy when she took him.
He quickly demonstrated he was not crazy by shaking the fever from him and agreeing not to go to Patagonia.
You--you must think me crazy," stammered Anne, trying to recover her self-possession.
And if I'm crazy, they can't do anything to me for killing you two fools in my madness.