create a false impression

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Phaseouts of All Types Generally Stink: They create a false impression and false hope in most cases.
Leucadia told the Special Committee that it believes that "shopping" WilTel is likely to create a false impression that Leucadia might be willing to support a sale of WilTel or its assets and that - based on discussions with management - any such impression caused by the "shopping" would be detrimental to the stability and progress which the management team has sought to achieve since WilTel's emergence from bankruptcy.
This allowed PolyMedica to understate operating expenses, overstate assets, and create a false impression of operating efficiencies with the overall effect being that the Company misled investors concerning the Company's growth and earnings.
In particular, UMC alleges that Oak breached a settlement agreement and illegally attempted to create a false impression that UMC wrongfully used Oak intellectual property.