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Golomb sought to integrate the great need for commemoration with a drive forward to create anew.
Above all, unlike most studies on the subject, its most radical idea is that there is no path to follow in the first place--just a journey we create anew at every moment by seeing and doing things differently.
It would cover a complete renovation of the old plant and create anew headworks building, a chemical building and a service garage.
When this acceptance does eventually set in, a shift happens, from survival to resilience, and with it a determination to be strong, move forward, and create anew.
We believe that a sustainable Walesa will be a Country that has the vision, creativity and dynamism to break traditional boundaries and create anew education eco-system which will serve and inspire generations of learners.
The next few organisations and websites are ones that may provide useful classroom resources to support your teaching of poetry, or to give you ideas on activities that you could alter or create anew.
Fundamentalism is the attempt to restore or create anew a taken-for-granted body of beliefs and values.
Using the power of the word to create anew the search for poetic identity the poetpersona enters a dream/ vision through which Liv gains access to a pre-verbal conception of self; it is described as a "fetus dream" (4) that keeps recurring in different ways and forms throughout the body of Plot.
We can see how they have responded to devastation by inviting their citizens to roll up their sleeves and create anew the bonds and institutions of community.
Ultimately Luther did not 'reform' but destroy in order to create anew.
The role of our national and state libraries in collecting and safeguarding archives of folklore is increasingly being appreciated, as people seek to explore and create anew the expressive links between the 'here and now' and their heritage.
Low-risk prisoners nearing the end of their sentence could be let out early to create anew place and keep the waiting lists down.